Hats, bonnets and headbands for newborns and babies

Parents will go to great lengths so that their children were happy and healthy. The behavior and health of the child can be affected by many different factors, even by such a simple thing as lack of attention. Baby’s clothes can create a feeling of comfort and cause positive emotions, or, on the contrary, it can make a kid fret and cry. Therefore, it is important to approach choosing clothes for your children with all seriousness, as any detail is crucial, even hats or bonnets for newborns.

Do I need a bonnet for my baby?

Both hats and bonnets are used for the same purpose and are designed to protect the baby's head. The only difference between them is special strings that bonnets have.

Many young mothers wonder at what age the baby should wear a hat, whether it is necessary to put on a hat for the newborn at home, is it necessary to put on a bonnet in the summer. Here we try to answer them.

Little bonnet is the first headdress for the baby, which will be useful even after coming home from the maternity hospital. A bonnet is also might come in handy at home, for example, after bathing or while sleeping. Bonnet is also necessary during walks outside. For example, warm winter bonnets for newborns will protect your baby from the wind and keep him or her warm, while the summer bonnet will protect the baby's head from harsh sunrays.

What kind of a bonnet will be the best fit for your baby?

Nowadays, the variety of hats and bonnets is very wide:

  • Newborn hats for boys
  • Beautiful bonnets for newborn girls
  • Knitted baby hats for newborns
  • Baby hats with ears
  • Baby bonnets
  • Caps for babies
  • And many other options to choose from.

You can buy a bonnet of any color and any design, but remember that the main requirement for a baby's headdress is the quality, as well as child has to feel comfortable in it.

  1. Don’t buy synthetic clothes or clothes dyed with artificial dyes. A hat for newborn should be made from natural fabric. The most common is cotton knitted fabric. A bonnet for a newborn made from cotton fabric does not cause irritation or allergic reactions, effectively absorb moisture and does not look worn after multiple washings.
  2. Pay attention to seams. In earlier times, seams of the bonnet were directed outward so that when they contact with the skin of the baby's head they do not cause unpleasant sensations. Currently the baby clothing industry switched to so-called flat seams. They look much more aesthetically pleasing and do not chafe the baby’s skin.
  3. Any elastic bands or ties must not be tight. Also, the correct size of the hat itself should be chosen, so that the head of the newborn is not squeezed by it.

Hats for newborns are easy to buy both in bulk and in small quantities as they are not expensive, and for your convenience, you can place an order in our baby store online without leaving your home. In the store we have a wide selection of headwear for newborns and toddlers up to 1 year of age, all provided only by trustworthy manufacturers.