Gifts for newborns and babies

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Children’s gift sets for new babies. Make yourself and your nearest and dearest happy

When a new baby appears in your family or in the family of your friends it is always a moment of joy and happiness and you surely want to divide it with your close people. In order to observe such a happy date there is a wonderful tradition to present gifts. Everybody knows that giving a present brings more happiness than receiving. That is why if you have an occasion for a present you are always welcome to our shop! We have wonderful gift sets for new born babies at pleasant prices.

Gift set for a new born baby. Everything necessary in one set

So, what are gift sets for new born babies notable for? To answer this question let us find out what a gift set consists of and how it looks like.

The first thing that you should know is that all the gift sets for new born babies represented in our online shop are of the highest quality. We offer gift sets for new born baby girls of tender colors and with cute decorations and for baby boys of mainly blue and sky blue colors. There is a wide choice of unisex sets of white, light yellow or beige colors. All the gifts are produced by verified manufacturers which guarantees their safety and high quality.

Our gift sets can be classified by:

  1. Amount of items
  2. Variants of packing
  3. Variants of usage

Depending on what you choose it may be 3 items set or even gift set for a new born baby consisting of 10 items including everything necessary and even more for a new baby for the first days:

  • a bonnet
  • an easy jacket
  • a sleep suit
  • crawlers or pants
  • a body suit
  • a bib
  • socks
  • a hat
  • baby’s boots

Moreover, some of the sets include a bath towel or a photo frame to put the first baby’s photo in or a toy which will certainly become baby’s favorite one.

You may choose gift set in a beautiful box or a woven basket which will make a present even more charming.

Usually a new mommy pays special attention to the day of leaving maternity hospital as she wants everything to be perfect. Gift set for a new born baby presented at such a day will perfectly suit the atmosphere at happiness.

Gift sets for new born babies. Buy at the best price

Our online shop offers you the best goods directly from manufacturers without any middlemen and it means that we offer you the lowest prices not losing the quality of the goods. For those interested in wholesale purchase of gift sets for new born babies we traditionally have special offers and discounts. Go shopping in our online shop! We are always glad to see both retail and wholesale customers!