Electronic Gift Coupons

An online gift certificate / coupon is a great gift for mom for the birth of a child, for her birthday, New Year or just for no reason! This is the perfect gift for friends, family and friends who are expecting a baby or who already have children. Electronic gift certificates for children help out a lot when a gift is needed urgently, but there is no time to search. Or when the recipient is in another city. 1. Choose convenient denominations from €20 to €250.2. Buy and gift certificate online.3. Send to the recipient by e-mail or print.4. Gift certificate validity period: 3 months.

When it comes time to choose a gift for mom or baby, many are lost. And this is not surprising given the current abundance of childrens products. After all, it is very difficult to choose exactly what would probably be liked and would be useful. The KIDY.eu online store offers a great way to please any mother - to give her the opportunity to choose a gift herself! Electronic gift certificates for a family with children are a great opportunity for you to avoid buying gifts that no one needs, and for the recipient to choose something necessary or long-desired at their own discretion. And all this can be done without leaving home. Discover the convenience of childrens gift vouchers! You can buy a childrens gift certificate and send it by e-mail or print it out and hand it over on the day of the celebration. Thanks to a gift certificate, a mother will be able to choose and buy a toy that her child really wanted, purchase the necessary goods for development, missing clothes for the season, or something for herself. Give your family and friends the freedom of choice! Terms of use: The validity period of the electronic certificate is 3 months. The childrens gift certificate can be used once. The recipient cannot exchange the gift certificate for cash. If the price of the goods is lower than the face value of the electronic certificate, the balance is not paid in cash.