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Cream sleepsuit LOVE ME (Nursery Time) Cream sleepsuit LOVE ME (Nursery Time) 2 Cream sleepsuit LOVE ME (Nursery Time) 3

Cream sleepsuit LOVE ME (Nursery Time)

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100% cotton


Nursery Time


Creamy baby onesie LOVE ME with long sleeves, pictures of brown and yellow baby bear faces, cubes with numbers and letters. This pattern covers the whole product, including cuffs and collar. There are snap fasteners at the front and between the legs, so you can easily change the clothes and diapers. Nursery Time from England offers you to buy cheap baby sleepsuits. It will look great on both baby boy and girl, will protect your baby from cold at night and will absorb excessive moisture from the skin when it’s hot. The product is made of 100% cotton that will not lose color or shape, and remains soft and smooth to touch even after multiple washings. The sleepsuit can be worn separately or combined with other apparel.


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