Pacifiers for newborns and babies

Types of pacifiers. Shapes.

Baby soother is incredibly essential thing for kids. It was designed to satisfy sucking reflex of newborns. New moms find kids pacifiers to be really helpful when their babies are restless and just can’t stop crying.

Is pacifier good for newborns?

Instinctive sucking reflex of newborns is most obvious during the first months after the birth. Baby always asks for mom’s breast. When baby gets breastfeeding, this behavior is not an obstacle, but for those little ones who get bottle feeding only, the situation can be a real disaster. Then it is a high time for a pacifier to rescue the world.

But there are cases when baby requires a pacifier while breastfeeding:

  • Baby suffers from hypertonicity
  • Baby sucks on hisher finger
  • Mom is not able to be near her child 24 hours a day
  • Baby is acting up during walks
  • Baby suffers from colic
  • Painful teething

Breastfeeding experts, when dealing with pacifiers and breastfeeding questions, warn that the pacifier should be given only after mom develops normal lactation, namely: no earlier than one month after baby’s birth.

How to choose the best pacifier for newborn?

There are many different types of pacifiers on the shelves of modern stores. Therefore, if you do not have the necessary information, it is a really challenging task to pick the right safest pacifier for your baby.

Selection criteria:

  • Age and weight of the babyPacifier shapes
  • Nipple base size
  • Durability of the product
  • Material
  • Pacifier brands


When buying baby pacifier, it is important to follow pacifier recommendations and pay attention to the material it was made from.

To understand what soother is better: silicone or latex, you should know the basic characteristics of each:

  1. Latex soothers. Good premature baby pacifiers for little ones who have weak sucking reflex. Cons are: such soothers may cause allergic reaction of the baby; eventually pacifier will be deformed and darker in color. (Expiration date-one month).
  2. Silicone Soother. It asks for more efforts while being sucked on, so there is no risk of breast refusal. Silicone is resistant to boiling (in case you wonder how to sterilize pacifiers); it has no smell and colour, so it is hypoallergic. All orthodontists of the world unanimously advice to buy silicone pacifier. Shelf life of silicone soother is 2 months.

Pacifier Shape

In addition to the material you should taken into account pacifier shape:

  1. Round pacifier at times called “cherry”. It is suitable for newborns, but when it comes to pacifiers and teeth it is better not to give a pacifier of the shape to a teething baby, as it can distort baby’s dental bite.
  2. Anatomical (ellipse) shape: a little bit flat, it looks like a drop. It enables correct jaw relationships.
  3. Orthodontic soother: narrow base, flat nipple bottom and dome shaped top. This type of child pacifier is the most popular because, thanks to its unique shape, it does not deform the dentition.
  4. Symmetrical orthodontic kids pacifier: it resembles trapeze in shape. The most recent version of pacifier.

Pacifier Size

An infant soother should be chosen for every child individually, in accordance with hisher physical parameters:

  • 0 to 3 months
  • 3 to 6 months
  • 6 to 18 months

Pacifier accessories

Along with soothers various pacifier-related stuff is sold:

  1. Pacifier cases. Designed to keep it clean.
  2. Pacifier clips: prevent the pacifier from falling down when baby spit it out.

What do we offer our customers?

Product line of KIDY online shop offers best baby soothers of leading pacifier brands that meet all quality standards.

Tommee Tippee clips and pacifiers

English brand offers its consumers high-quality, BPA-free top rated pacifiers, developed under dentists’ control.

Tommee Tippee soother collections:

  1. Pure: silicone orthodontic soother (beveled nipple).
  2. Style: beveled shape.
  3. C-Air: symmetrical teat.
  4. Night time: orthodontic glow-in-the-dark pacifier that makes it easier to be detected in case it suddenly gets lost in the vastness of baby’s cot.
  5. Fun style: orthodontic soother. Pacifiers are made in a bright style; these are baby pacifiers with animal prints on.
  6. Moda: this is a collection of cool baby pacifiers for boys and girls.

All pacifiers of the brand have edges of rigidity, allowing the soother to shrink and stretch when being sucked on. This breast shaped pacifier aims at making sucking on the pacifier alike sucking on mom’s breast. Its shield has special holes for air to go in and out. Pacifier vent gives way for soft baby’s skin to stay dry. This product range also has ergonomic Tommee Tippee pacifiers clips. They are attached to any type of pacifiers: with and without a ring.

Chicco pacifiers and clips

Italian brand, manufacturing products and clothing for children since 1958, is in high demand throughout the world.

Chicco Silicone Pacifier performed from high quality silicone with the participation of the world's best orthodontists:

  1. Physio soft —anatomical silicone soft pacifier made from safe materials. Its shield has holes to ensure pacifier vent.
  2. Physio comfort is silicone round pacifier, upper part of the shied is reduced and of convex shape to minimise contact with baby’s skin.
  3. Physio compact has big ventilation holes; the ring is tight to the pacifier base not to interfere.

Canpol babies pacifiers and clips

A Polish company specializes in the production of goods for children and their moms. Those, who have already tested the brand's products, share only positive pacifier reviews. This is the case when you get high quality available at low prices. Silicone Canpol babies pacifier is in high demand in today's market. Product range of the brand abounds with a huge selection of top pacifiers with caps, for all tastes, in different shapes, sizes and colors. Canpol babies also manufactures cases and pacifier clips, you can buy in our shop.

KIDY offers quality, beautiful silicone soothers and pacifier clips for your kids. Only here you can buy baby soothers of popular brands at affordable prices. Our website managers will answer any of your questions and help you with your order. Choose only the best for your babies with К