Baby Twistshake tableware: cups, bowls, plates and spoons for the little ones

Recently the brand has launched the production of tableware for children of different ages, aiming at making life easier for parents.

All products are manufactured according to European quality standards.

  1. CLICK-MAT is a plastic pad to keep a plate at the place. The pad is tightly fastened to the table, and then plate is set on it with a click. This device will not allow your baby to tilt the bowl with food. The mat is sold separately or in set with the cup.
  2. Soft plastic bibs with the bend, pocket-like to catch food that baby loses when eating. Neck strap of baby bib is adjustable to fit baby’s neck size. (4+M).
  3. Another useful product by Twistshake: plates with lids. The cookware is made of safe and high-quality plastic. Airtight lids allow storing leftover food or taking food with you on a walk. Non-slip coverage provides good fixation of the cup on the surface. All dishes pair other dining appliances of the brand and are introduced in three models: deep (520ml) with separated compartments (210ml) and shallow (430 ml).
  4. Cutlery: forks, spoons, knives with non-skid comfortable handles. The manufacturer recommends entirely plastic cutlery for children under one year (6 m +), and sets of stainless steel with soft handles for children from 12 months.
  5. Spoons for the smallest (4+) are the ware with long handle and angled scoop, created to eat from cans or deep plates.
  6. Baby’s first mug (170ml). This product is designed to prepare a baby to drink from a real glass cup. The sides and bottom of the sippy cup are covered with special non-slip material (6 m+).