Clothes for new born babies, toys and sleeping accessories Flokati

Clothes for new born babies, toys and sleeping accessories Flokati

Wrap your baby in with softness and warmness of the woolen things!

Each mom surrounds her new born baby with warmth and care, holding her in her arms hours on end and kissing and enveloping her in warmth of her body. The baby surely loves her back helplessly clutching at her with her hands and cuddling searching for defense. There is no doubt that nothing may replace such a priceless connection between a mother and a baby. But still there are some things that may comfort a baby while mom is away. Mainly such things are produced by Flokati company (Lithuania).

History and range of brand Flokati

Flokati is widely known in Lithuania as high quality woolen goods producer. All the items are certified and meet Oeko-Tex® 100 and Woolmark standards.

There are several groups of the products among all the items produced by Flokati:

  • Sleeping accessories by Flokati: wool cot blanket, plaid, pillow
  • New born clothes. Please, pay attention to winter sheepskin sleeping bags
  • Children clothes
  • Adult clothes
  • Slippers and insoles
  • Heating belts
  • Handmade toys

Woolen products characteristics

All these goods are so warm and cozy that each lady in Lithuania is eager to buy a rug and a pair of slippers for her home. And no wonder! Woolen things are not only pleasant to touch but also have some unique characteristics. Wearing them you will feel warm when it is cold and you will feel cool when it is hot! Moreover, they are hypoallergenic and suit even new born babies! Flokati company has a very serious approach to the quality of its goods and all the materials are purchased at reliable suppliers.

Flokati goods are exported in Finland, Norway, Japan, Latvia and Denmark. The company does not stop at what has been accomplished and is constantly looking for new markets.

New born baby goods

Flokati produces wonderful newborn merino rugs, blankets and clothes made of sheep or camel wool for the new born babies. Tiny boys and girls will definitely love adorable and funny handmade toys. Oh-so cozy sheep or rabbit comforter will become your little one’s favorite companion at sight.

Woolen products for children

A little bit older children will certainly love sheepskin mittens and woolen socks. And with so much joy will they wrap themselves up in a merino rug watching TV in the evening!

Flokati offers the next age groups of the children’s clothes:

  • New born
  • Up to 1 year
  • From 1 to 3 years
  • From 3 to 5 years
  • From 5 to 8 years

That is why it is going to be easy to choose the suitable garment for your son or daughter.

Choosing blankets, pillows, rugs and clothes by Flokati you choose warmth and comfort of natural wool and also high quality and serious approach of the company to its goods.