Collecta figures: The entire world of live creatures on your shelf

Collecta figures: The entire world of live creatures on your shelf

The task of parents is to educate their children to love and care for the nature, living beings that inhabit our planet. Collecta figures of birds, animals, and fishes help adults show their kids the whole animal world they cannot but find adorable. Collecta products are successfully sold in 30 countries over the world to provide pleasure both for curious children and experienced collectors.

About the brand

Collecta is one of the biggest manufacturers of plastic models of animals in Hong Kong. Though the Procon Asia is a corporate parent of the brand, Collecta is a prevailing trademark at the moment.

Fast facts:

  • For more than 10 years the brand has been actively cooperating with the RSPCA to oppose cruelty to animals.
  • The company is passionate to move with the times, with Collecta AR for a prove. The set allows you to ‘liven up’ your toy dinosaur, all you need is your smartphone, Collecta app, and animal picture card.
  • The brand is always welcome to cooperate with talented sculptors and topic experts.

Collecta team of professionals:

  • Deborah McDermott is an equestrian sculptor and photographer. Thanks to her commitment, miniature copies of noble and beautiful stallions were released.
  • Anthony Beeson, industry-specific scientist who knows everything about dinosaurs.
  • Matthias Geiger, a German sculptor and a big fan of prehistoric animals.

Currently the company has produced more than 500 figures that are combined into the collections:

  1. Pre-historic Life includes majestic Collecta dinosaurs and reptiles that inhabited the Earth long before man’s era. The line consists of a huge range of authentic, hand painted models of prehistoric animals. Each figure of the line goes with an educational note arranged by company’s experts.
  2. Wild Life includes a set of savage animals and birds that live in wild nature. Here you can find Collecta Elephant.
  3. Farm Life collection represents Collecta farm animals: rooster, pig, cow, chicken, etc.
  4. Collecta Horse Life encompasses a massive collection of horses of different breeds prepared by the popular sculptor Deborah McDermott. Horses come in two sizes: 1:22 and 1:12.
  5. Collecta Woodlands includes all the inhabitants of the wild forests: hedgehog, wolf, hare, owl, fox, etc.
  6. Collecta Sea Life: dolphins, octopuses, walruses, sea lions, and other inhabitants of inner space.
  7. Collecta Cats and Dogs contains pets of all species.
  8. Insects: butterfly, ladybird, bee, praying mantis. This collection also includes Collecta frog and chameleon.
  9. Accessories: scenery for the figures, like plants, trees, fences, and haystacks. With these items it is possible to create a prototype of the real-life farm at home.

Collecta products are successfully sold in 30 countries over the world to provide pleasure both for curious children and experienced collectors.

Why is it important to buy your child Collecta figures?

Delicate way of interaction with the living world founds the basis of a good person. Collecta products convey this message to people. The brand is aiming at the development of children, cultivation of love and respect to animal kingdom. It takes care of handing future generations the value of endangered species.

Collecta toys will help your child:

  • Love and explore all facets of wild nature, discover its diversity and realize the importance of animals living on the planet.
  • Create a home collection of unique figures of dinosaurs, fishes, birds, insects, and animals.
  • Arrange a home mini zoo or farm, using Collecta figures and accessories.

Benefits of Collecta products:

  1. All the toys are made of high-quality, safe, non-toxic PVC plastic, which meets the quality standards in the United States and Europe.
  2. Figures are created under the supervision of scientists, therefore, much possible similarity to real-life animals as a result.
  3. Looking through collections you can see animals that are listed in the Red Data Book, for instance, Collecta Siberian Tiger.

Where can I buy Collecta animal replicas?

Our online shop will gladly offer you the goods of the brand. Collecta figures are available at Kidy wholesale or retail at reasonable prices. We cooperate directly with the company to ensure authenticity and safety of provided products.

Life on the Earth fascinates with diversity. Collecta figures and are here to open it up for you!