BRIO Railway World

BRIO Railway World

There is more than century history behind BRIO Company, the group that creates toys for kids of different ages. Children from all over the world cannot resist the enjoyment BRIO sets give.

How did it all start?

The company originates from a boy, Ivar Bengtsson by name, who was born in 1860 and whose biggest dream was to become a carpenter. But his family was poor and he had to work as a coachman to provide some money for his mum and step-father.

In early 1878 Bengtsson accompanied his friend Olof Persson to Denmark to help him with basket selling. A couple of months passed by to result in about 2,000 baskets sold and 100 krone earned by each. Ivar decided to invest his profit in his own business and that was the first step toward his cherished dream.

Then Bengtsson got married and moved to Boalt, a town in the south of Sweden. A young family bought a house in the farm, so Ivar was able to arrange a mini workshop and make baskets for sale. In such a way, in 1884 a small firm producing baskets was founded.

In early 20th century the family moved to Osby for there was a railway station in the town that promoted better sales. The first toy-wooden horse- was produced there to be added to the assortment in 1907.

The business thrived. A year later Ivar made his mind to transfer possession of the manufacture to his sons: Anton, Emil, and Victor, so that eventually they could continue his work. The sons came up with the current name, for BRIO stands for Brothers Ivarsson from Osby.

In late 50s BRIO released new toys:

  • Railway
  • Pull along dachshund
  • Toy pyramid

First toy models are still produced, being a hallmark of the brand.

At present family-run business is in Sweden in Malmö. It turned into a big BRIO AB Company with its subsidiaries in Germany, Japan, and France.

Manufacturing process

BRIO toys are famous for its lovely, bright look, quality as well as educational purpose beneficial for children of every age group.

The company has identified several key characteristics that the product should meet before going to shelves:

  1. Safety
  2. Quality
  3. Easy and intuitive play
  4. Educational intent

Before being released a new model is tested by little experts. Should it receive a slight engagement or confusion of a tester, it is returned for improvement.

BRIO set benefits:

  1. Eco-friendliness. Since 2014 all company products are manufactured only of wood under FSC quality certificate (Forest Stewardship Council). This agreement guarantees that toys are made of top-notch, legal wood.
  2. Safety. More than 1,000 in-house product assessments take place every year to eliminate chemicals if any.
  3. Quality. The toys are made of strong and wear-resistant beech, and plastic parts are made of PVC free thermoplastics. Every product of the brand meets the strictest of European quality standards.
  4. Large variety. Company product lines include toys for children of any age.
  5. Vibrant colour diversity. Bright toys are extremely popular among babies under one year.
  6. Compatibility. BRIO toy sets of different lines are compatible. This enables children to enlarge their toy world as they grow.

The company has been operating for 130 years now, for the time it was awarded and nominated a lot.

Among them are:

  • Right Start Best Toy Award – Gold award, UK (2006)
  • Parents Choice Silver coin, USA (2007)
  • Nordic Disney Quality award (2009)
  • Toy of the year, 8 nominations and 2 awards (2010-2017)
  • The National Parenting Center Award, USA (2016)
  • Best New Toys, UK (2016)

In 2012 BRIO created the longest wooden railway layout to be registered in the World Guinness Record.

Your child grows with BRIO

Play time contributes essentially to children’s development, it makes the foundation for future individuals. Children learn to address their first challenges, while a small prototype of this enormous world they get with a toy set lets them more effectively figure out how things work.

BRIO play set is beneficial for children’s development through their childhood:

  • Wooden sets are great to promote imagination and thinking, they give way for new combinations and situations to play and experience.
  • Matching parts and bricks develops fine motor skills and thus speech.
  • Toy series for socio-dramatic play provide spacious room for imagination to fly with their simple style and diversity.
  • Play sets don’t limit your baby with particular combinations and manuals. One can create something new every day; completely different solution for today as opposed to yesterday.
  • The company wants no gender segregation; toys are intended for both boys and girls.

BRIO set is safe; it allows younger babies to join their older brother or sister’s play time, with their mum feeling no worry about chocking hazards for the little one, as there are no small parts in the box.

Product range

The company is proud in diverse product assortment being divided into lines and collections:

  • Toddler set for babies. The line includes blocks, builder set, everyday items, animals, cars, educational toys (pyramid).
  • Railway sets are designed for preschoolers and elementary school children, and consist of railways, engines, and buildings.
  • Role play contains items, such as kitchen sets, doll prams, etc., to mimic real life activities.
  • Builder sets let your child create cars, tractors, and buildings.

BRIO wooden railway set and related toys are especially popular:

  • BRIO Goods and Passenger Trains deliver cargo or wooden people with their little suitcases to their destination.
  • BRIO Battery Operated Steam Train is created for the youngest babies. The toy runs on the battery cells provided in set. The engine goes on its own along its track. Baby is just to push slightly the engine with hisher palm to start it; the same action is needed to make it stop.
  • BRIO Engine is a RC toy. For remote control baby is using real-life like train steering handle that also features speed modes. With the device your baby will change speed modes, honk with a horn sound, turn on train lights, and change traffic route. Manual control is also possible, for the purpose there is a control board on the upper part of the toy. Engine capacity is five carriages that are magnet-linked.
  • Farm Railway Set is goods train that carries BRIO animals. The set includes engine, two carriages and several domestic animals. There is a side door in each carriage to let cows and horses in.
  • BRIO Switching Set includes signalman figure and the station itself that switches traffic and turns on signal lights.
  • BRIO Travel Station is one of the main parts of the railway; it is always at the center of all events. Here trains arrive to take aboard wooden passengers that are waiting on the platform. BRIO railway station allows you to record arrival and departure announcements to keep city residents informed. The set includes station master figure.
  • BRIO Firefighting Set is a wooden toy set consists of a fire engine equipped with a hose and a water container trailer. A circle of railway track, a station, trees and a fireman figure are also there.
  • BRIO Base Depot is railway train park that accommodates 5 engines and 5 steam trains. The garage doors open on both sides so as to let several trains into the parking lot at once. The brand assortment also includes mechanical door equipped depot site to store carriages.
  • BRIO Metro Railway Set includes 20 wooden parts: station, train, switch control, dead end, tunnel, railroad tracks, arrival and departure board, and little wooden passengers carrying their luggage. The train is equipped with headlights and sound effects that are activated as soon as the train starts to move. The railway station doors are on-the-go.
  • BRIO Cargo Harbour Set includes leaf bridge mechanism that allows you to raise and lower the leaves of the bridge. The set is equipped with a special manual gate arm that is down when the bridge parts are not locked.
  • BRIO Ferry travel Set is intended for transportation of carriages and cars to help wooden passengers to set for a sea voyage. The siren sound the ferry gives will notify everyone about arrival. The raft is equipped with signal lights to look like its real life prototype.
  • BRIO Roller coaster Set is equipped with a mechanical elevator to lift cars up a level and then to speedy downrun.
  • BRIO Railway World Deluxe Set is a small railway city world with every detail to complete the scenery: people, plants, buildings, two-level railway, and passenger trains.

All the parts of railway set can be used to build a toy world where toy people live and commute in small carriages to be in time for work and where animals travel by rail.

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If you are still wondering what way to surprise your child on hisher birthday, consider BRIO toys as they are ideal option to be adored literally by everyone, whatever the age. Let us care about authenticity and fast delivery for you.

Show your children to BRIO world, a place where every day may bring changes.