Baby Chairs and Bouncers for Newborns

Baby seat is a chief assistant a young mum can have

Baby’s favorite thing is being rocked in mum’s arms. But what to do when she is tired? It is a high time for a baby seat to be at hand for the cases. When chosen correctly, it then becomes an indispensable help for a young mum.

What is baby seat needed for?

Baby chair is created to facilitate everyday routine of young parents and to make it comfortable for that little miracle.

When you wonder whether you need a baby seat, consider major benefits you get when using the equipment:

  1. You can use the chair to rock your little one with no hassle. The product has a reclined backrest to double as a bed for day naps.
  2. When lying in a cradle, baby sees nothing but side boards of the bed and ceiling. Baby seat gives a complete overview, thanks to its rest position. It contributes to baby visual memory development while introducing the world around.
  3. The compactness of the seat enables you to move your darling wherever you need along your house. For example, mum can take her baby to the kitchen to cook dinner for the whole family and don’t worry as her darling atom is close, watching the process. Besides, baby rocking seat is portable so you can take it when going for a picnic or visit.

Parents once gained from the use of baby bouncer, will never say no to the device. And, of course, when purchasing the item, you should choose it carefully to have the product serve long and feel comfy and safe for your baby.

Baby seat types

Baby products shops and websites offer a great selection of variously packed rest chairs for children of different ages.

To decide which seat for newborn to choose, it is necessary to understand the basic kinds of this product before purchasing:

  1. Bouncer is a chair that can vibrate.
  2. Cradle-like. The seat provides correct positioning to promote baby physical well-being.
  3. Baby bouncer with mobiles, rattles, or music.
  4. Rockers are electric or regular product models that double as a rocking chair. Electric rockers are usually equipped with sounds or melodies boards and speed modes for rocking. Non-powered product asks for parents to rock it manually.

Electric swings are particularly popular among today's parents. Children often fall asleep easily on their own when placed into the seat. If you plan to use the product for a long time, you should opt for the model equipped with adjustable backrest and infant body insert and please, take into account weight range as well.

How should I choose?

Before you buy baby seat, note to consider if the following features are or are not packed:

  • Harness. Quality models are always equipped with safety harness to enable secure seating. The straps are supposed to be as durable as possible and with soft edges, so as not to cause discomfort to the infant.
  • Weight. If the device is to be used as a carrier, you should ensure it is compact and weighs little.
  • Manufacturer. Certified product means security guarantee. It is important to pay attention to the company that produced the item and the quality level to meet standards.
  • Entertaining stuff for baby development. If you are not sure whether your baby will like just rest in the seat, you should pay attention to the models packed with toys or music.
  • Removable fabric parts for easy cleaning.
  • Steadiness. It is necessary to have your baby seat steady to prevent your little fidget from tipping over when in it.
  • Infant insert in pack.

When purchasing you are also to keep in mind baby’s age and weight and the time you are going to use the product for its intended purpose. Different baby seats are designed for different weight and age tags.


Baby product shops are literally overflown with swings, rockers, and bouncers by various brands making the final choice rather difficult. Not to be disappointed with what you bought, it is important to arrange a meticulous examination of the market leaders.

Bright Stars

The brand originates from the United States. The company specializes in products for children: toys, play mats, bouncers, swings.

Bright Stars baby bouncer is available in various collections:

  • InGenuity series include swings with 5-point harness and vibration. Also, the models feature a music board (battery-powered)
  • Bubble Bouncer is a simple seat for babies of 7-8 months
  • Comfort and Harmony cradling seat with melodies, toy bar, and vibration mode. Soft seat cover is easily removed for washing

Every collection includes bouncers designed for babies up to 9kg and for children up to 18kg. All chairs have a 5-point safety harness and infant inserts.


Italian Chicco bouncer for newborns is ideal for home use and travel. Compact items are easy to fold down and fit into the boot of the car. The company product range includes many designs with every bouncer featuring several recline modes and infant insert to provide physiological seating of the baby. Chicco baby seats are designed for children from 0 to 6 months. The company produces both automatic rocking and vibrating bouncers and regular models.


Hauck, a German brand, has been producing baby products for over 90 years. The major product of the company encompasses cots and pushchairs that are popular worldwide thanks to German high quality. Hauck baby bouncer is designed for children weighing up to 9kg, and it meets the requirements of modern parents on compactness and versatility. 3-point harness, handle for easy carrying and hanging toys are something every Hauck seat features. Brand assortment also contains musical swings.


Baby Bjorn is the pioneering company that invented and produced first ever baby seat in 1961. Innovative and unique products by the Swedish brand are designed to make things easier for young parents. BabyBjorn baby rocking seat is suitable for children from birth to 2 years.

The breakthrough models in the market today are:

  • Nuna Leaf Curv is a simple but functional rocking seat for kids and adults (up to 80kg). It differs from other products of the kind by other brands in a way it rocks not up and down but horizontally: from side to side. Automatic gliding is soft and smooth to let baby fall asleep immediately. Removable arch with colourful toys will capture baby’s attention during palytime. The bouncer is likely to become an invaluable aid for mum of two or more children for when the youngest kiddy is sleeping soundly in the cot, the Nuna Leaf Curv may accommodate the elder child.
  • Balance Soft. The model has three positions: sleep (up to 7kg), rest (up to 10kg), playtime (up to 13kg). Lightweight and stable frame. Fabric surfaces are made of natural materials. In the market there are three different Balance Soft versions: pure cotton; eco-cotton (picked by hand, no chemical treatment); nylon mesh (excellent breathable solution). The bouncer features no automatic rocking motion. Natural baby movements make the seat bounce.

BabyBjorn bouncer for newborns combines compactness, lightweight, quality, and unique design. The models of this company is the best pick for those parents who are looking for a certified baby seat that does not take up much space, besides it provides easy use and is made of hypoallergenic, breathable fabrics.

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