Wool Baby Blankets and Pillows

Little kids need warmth and cosiness. That is why it is necessary to buy baby wool blanket in advance. New parents wrap kids when lulling to make baby fall asleep quickly, during sleep time at home and when out and about.

Whatever the weather, you can always be sure that your baby won’t get cold, when you have a wool crib, cot or stroller blanket at hand. Any time you can wrap up your little darling when heshe feels cold.

How to choose the right one out of great diversity? Let's nail it down.

Product Range

A wide selection of baby blankets really pleases. Prices vary, too. It is clear that large blanket is not proper for outdoors. Something small, lightweight, but at the same time warm is what we need. So let’s examine woolen models.

What wool they are made of?

  1. Camel
  2. Sheep
  3. Merino

Many years this threesome holds market leadership.

Natural wool baby blanket requirements

Let's start with the general expert advice on purchase of newborn blankets.

Perfect 100% wool baby blanket should:

  1. Have the right size. 140cm x 110 cm will fit up to 3-year children.
  2. Be lightweight.
  3. Absorb moisture.
  4. Not to be allergenic.
  5. Be warm.
  6. Be breathable.
  7. Wash and dry easily.

Camel wool blanket

Many parents have already bought camel baby blankets. For its undeniable advantages.

It is:

  1. Warm
  2. Does not create the greenhouse effect
  3. Lightweight
  4. Low care
  5. Hydroscopic
  6. Doesn’t change its form over time
  7. Breathable
  8. Durable
  9. Useful

Camel wool blanket for infants fall into types:

  • Of open wool. Similar to plaid. Soft. They are made of colts’ down.
  • Of closed wool. These are quilted models. Stuffing is inside the cover. Made of rough wool of adult camels.

Density and weight category types:

  • Usual. Are used in cold winter. Dense and heavy.
  • Lightweight. Perfect for walks in warm spring and autumn.

Sheep wool baby blanket

Sheep wool baby blankets: Benefits

  1. Affordable price so everyone can buy one.
  2. High breathability. No greenhouse effect.
  3. 35% of moisture is absorbed and immediately evaporated.
  4. Antistatic proprieties.
  5. It has low thermal conductivity. This means that your own heat won’t escape, whereas outside cold or heat will be kept out.
  6. Therapeutic. Relieves stress in joints and muscles.

Types of wool blankets for newborns:

  • Open wool. Perfect for walks in spring and fall.
  • Covered wool. Quilted. Are used for outside walks in winter.

Merino wool baby blanket

Merino is a special elite breed of sheep. Their wool is especially thin and lightweight, but strong and warm. Because the wool structure is flexuose merino products are soft and lush.

The advantages of organic wool baby blanket are thermal feature, elasticity, breathability, water-absorption, they perfectly protect when it is cold or hot. Another advantage of soft merino wool baby blanket is its being hypoallergic and antiseptic meaning safe for infants.

Wool pillows

You can buy wool cot bed duvet and pillow for your baby. This is a great choice for a healthy and comfortable sleep.

General requirements:

  1. Quality
  2. Convenient
  3. Soft
  4. Eco-friendly
  5. Useful

Now pillows made from natural materials are produced in accordance with special technology. So they can be purchased even for allergic children and newborns.

Pillows can be of two types:

  • With wool filler
  • With wool cover

Should we talk about useful properties, note camel or sheep wool contains lanolin. It has antiseptic and moisturizing properties.

Wool pillows sustain thermal balance through microscopic air layers surrounding natural curls. When it is cold, your baby won’t get cold and when it is hot the blanket will prevent overheating.

Do you want your kid equally comfortable when outdoors in summer and winter? Do look for the best price? Do you trust only high quality? Then consider the entire range of pillows and baby wool blankets for the stroller or cot in our store. Take care about the kid from hisher first days.