Bedding sets for new born babies and toddlers

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Night, night, baby!

Each mommy knows that love for a baby grows at maximum when she is finally asleep! As it is not only a moment to drink a cup of coffee and have some rest at last but also to enjoy looking at her small lips, turned-up nose and tiny hands! It is really hard to stop yourself from kissing this sweet face! But it is better to stop not to wake a little one up.

Young parents always choose a cot or bassinet and a mattress for it with much love but you should not forget that one of the most important points for a good sleep is a proper bedding as it is directly touching baby’s skin and has to meet all safety requirements.

Which bedding to buy for a new born baby?

So, here are the points which you should think about when choosing a bed linen set for babies:

  1. Size. Please, decide whether your baby is going to sleep: in a cot or bassinet.
  2. Material. For sure, it should be natural! All the linen sets represented in our online shop are 100% cotton. You may choose linen made of coarse calico, sateen or flannel.
  3. Color. Should you choose bedding for a baby boy or girl plays no role. All the sets represented in our web site are made in pastel colors suiting both sexes: blue, pink, yellow or beige. The choice is really wide. Taking into consideration advantages of modern diapers you can safely choose even white bedding and have no problem with washing.
  4. Amount of items and bumbers. Amount of items in a set may vary from 3 to 7. Please, decide what is important for you in advance. Buying bedding with bumpers is a really good choice as they can protect a baby from injury by making the walls of a cot or bassinet soft.
  5. Country of production. There are bed linen sets from Poland, England and Turkey represented in our online shop.

How many bed linen sets are necessary for a new born baby?

Should you be choosing a bedding for your new born baby, please, pay attention to two variants at once. As in case of diaper leaking or regurgitation you will have to change a set. Surely, if you are lack of money you may put a wipe with oilcloth for the first time, but still you will need another bed linen set for the time of first being washed. Purchase of one expensive and another cheaper set sound to be a reasonable choice. As in such a case you will be able to put a beautiful set for the time of visiting and the second set can be used daily.

Lifehack for young parents

A proper bed linen set for a new born baby is not a cheap purchase. That is why you may choose bedding in our website in advance and send a link to your nearest and dearest who are going to come to a baby shower. In this case you will receive a necessary gift and your guests will not have to beat their brains out trying to decide what to present.

How to buy bed linen sets for new born babies wholesale

We are glad to inform you that you can buy baby bedding wholesale. Please, contact us for further information.

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