Baby vest. Why buying the thing for your child is a good idea?

A vest is a kind of sleeveless outerwear. While replenishing baby’s spring wardrobe parents always have a question popped in the head: "Does their child need a vest?" Most moms mistakenly believe that vests are useless clothes. Therefore, it is worthwhile to figure out the pros and cons of using this piece of clothing.

Kinds of children's vests

Modern manufacturers offer parents to consider several kinds of sleeveless jackets for children of all ages:

  • Baby Capron Fabric Vest goes in spring autumn design. Capron fabric vests are comfortable to wear in spring or autumn when the weather is rainy.
  • Denim Vests. The model is all-in-one, suitable both for boys and girls. Ideal for walk times or when going to kindergarten.
  • Fur Baby Vest. Fur vests warm kids and look stylish. Both faux and real fur is used. For girls, often in bright colours and for boys it comes in pastel shades.
  • Wool Baby Vests. This thing warms during chill summer evenings, plus it is also great as an additional layer of clothing under a winter jacket.
  • Sports Vests are sleeveless outwear of breathable material created for outdoor activities.
  • Classic Vests

Special attention should be paid to spring autumn models. Thickened children's vest containing high quality filler is a good change for a jacket.

Modern clothing manufacturers offer several options for linings and insulations:

  • Polyester batting is a popular faux fillers for winter and spring waistcoats. Polyester children's vest is lightweight and warm, suitable for machine wash.
  • Downy fibre is a natural filler. These vests provide a lot of warmth, so kids sweat often when moving actively. In addition, down vests, whether for children or adults, look worse after machine wash. This is because filler becomes wet and get lumpy.
  • Fleece is a knitted fabric used to create warm clothing. Children's puffer jacket with fleece lining is suitable for mercurial spring weather. Baby fleece vest is perfect for a cool summer.

Why do I need to buy a baby vest?

Kids love sleeveless outwear despite cautious attitude of parents to this piece of clothing as well as misconception for their futility.

Vest has many advantages:

  1. Arm movements are not restricted so your child can easily go upstairs, climb a slide or pullup bar.
  2. Quilted fur baby vests can be used as additional insulation of windbreaker.
  3. Vests are all purpose clothing, therefore, suitable for any occasion: for walks in the park or paying visits, for special events.
  4. Vest will prevent sweating when sun shines bright and saves from cold when wind blows.

Vest has always been considered as a fashionable piece of wardrobe, so it's not only useful, but also stylish. Fur baby girl vest will immediately catch admiring glance to the baby as well as one year gentleman in jeans or woolen vest will not remain without attention.

What is the right way to choose a vest?

Warm vest will give your baby freedom, warmth, and comfort.

Before buying you need to figure out certain things to have a new piece of wardrobe bringing you nothing but pleasure:

  1. Weather. First parents should decide at what temperature their kid is going to wear a vest. Kids hooded polyester or fleece gilet will go for windy, damp weather. For warm season sports or knitted vest is better option.
  2. Size and style. When you purchase a vest, please consider that it is outwear, so it is reasonable to leave room spacious enough for warm sweater or turtleneck. If you buy tight kids waistcoat, it will hamper movements when there is sweater under it.
  3. Quality. Most parents do not take into account the fact that poor quality of clothing is the reason of short life of the thing. In addition, cheap insulations and fabrics are not breathable and sweated child may catch a cold and develop skin irritation.
  4. Age and sex of the child. Baby vests for boys and girls are different, both in appearance and design, so the point is worth paying attention. Age is also important: lightweight and compact vests are picked up for one-year kids, as they are just on the way to master an independent walking whereas bulky vest prevents balancing. Gilet for children of 3-5 years should be chosen according to the level of their energy. Fidgets will love its levity and breathability (sports, polyester batting, natural wool, quilted sleeveless jackets), whereas quiet kids will adore warmer models (fur, feather, fleece vests).

Only a correctly chosen vest will become a favorite piece of your child’s wardrobe.

Where can I buy affordable baby vests?

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