Rompers for newborns and babies

Rompers for newborns and toddlers

Nowadays there are many wardrobe parts for newborns and children under 1 year of age: slips, bodysuits, pants and lots of others. What should you choose? How to properly wear it? There are many questions about such clothes as a baby rompers, which you can buy from us on this baby clothes website.

What is a child's romper?

Appearance wise, romper is a suit that combines short pants with wide straps or short sleeves and a shirt.

Romper is a piece of clothing that can be called universal. The romper is very lightweight and practical; it is suitable for wearing it at home, as well as for walking. In the summer, the romper is especially useful, because there is enough space in it for the baby and it isn’t hot inside. In addition, the romper will protect the skin of your little tot from the sun's rays. Since the romper can easily be combined with other items of the children's wardrobe, in winter it can be worn under pants and under a jacket. This way the baby will feel warm and comfortable even at the coldest day. Therefore, rompers for boys can be bought for any season.

How to choose rompers for my baby?

Before buying rompers for newborns, pay attention to these important items on the list:

  1. Material. The fabric that was used in production must properly absorb moisture and allow air to flow through it freely. It should not cause any allergies or skin irritation. Since the baby often stains his clothes, the fabric should be durable enough for multiple washings, it must not shed or shrink. Cotton knitwear fabric matches all these requirements, and most children's clothing is produced from it.
  2. Cut. It is very important that the children's romper has a simple cut - so the baby will feel unrestricted in movements and comfortable during his or her games, walks or sleep. In addition, romper for newborns should provide a quick and safe change of clothes. Usually there are fasteners or overlapping seams on the shoulders, fasteners along the entire length of the romper and in between the legs. Some options can be additionally equipped with a hoodie.
  3. Accessories. Most often, manufacturers use snap fasteners - small metal studs that are easy to fasten and unfasten. Additionally, they must be flat and carefully hidden in the fabric – that way they will not scratch the skin and cause irritation.
  4. Ornaments. Most suitable for nighttime are the ones without any decorations, but for formal occasions it is recommended to buy a stylish romper. For example, children's rompers for newborn girls can be decorated with bows, a skirt, quilling or ribbons. Boy’s rompers, on the other hand, with a butterfly, buttons, cuffs and others. You can also buy thematic sets, for example, the "sailor" romper for boys. Most classic decorative elements for baby rompers are different kinds of prints, fringing, sewn-on cutouts and embroidery. If you are looking for a comfortable outfit for newborn boys, rompers are what you need.

You can buy a knitted baby girl romper or festive rompers for newborn boys, a romper for a baby shower or as a gift. Remember that this wonderful piece of clothing in your baby's wardrobe will never sit without use.