Footed and footless pants for newborns and babies

Oeko-Tex Standard 100
140985 WELCOME footed pants
64705 Grey MERRY pants Grey MERRY pants
145599 Yellow TRES BIEN footed pants Yellow TRES BIEN footed pants
153711 Pink ROMANTIC footed pants Pink ROMANTIC footed pants
153717 Mint ROMANTIC footed pants
59877 WHITE footed pants
50 | 56 | 62
6.50 €7.65

Do I need pants for a newborn baby?

Pants for newborns are one of the most popular items in the baby's wardrobe. Surprisingly, not so long ago, this type of clothes were prohibited for kids to wear in the first months of their lives. This was due to the fact that during the 20th century, children were swaddled instead. And quite tightly, because it was believed that this would straighten their legs. Later, numerous studies have proven that such tight swaddling is not only ineffective, but also harmful, primarily to the baby’s psyche and its respiratory system. For the baby, the position of the legs, similar to one of an embryo, is much more comfortable, because he or she recently was in that exact position for a long time in mother’s womb. Therefore, researchers suggest young mothers to use pants instead as there are no significant downsides in buying and wearing them from the first days.

Why pants for babies is a popular choice?

  1. Convenience. Pants for newborns, generally, have a wide elastic band and do not slip down. At the same time, the elastic band isn’t tight on baby’s waist and therefore doesn’t limit the baby’s movements. Your baby will be able to move freely while wearing pants, which assumes healthy development and more freedom to explore the world around him or her.
  2. Baby’s health. Firstly, your baby's nervous and respiratory systems will be in a good shape, and secondly, you will be able to prevent sweating and diaper rash, and to ease your baby’s tummy aches.
  3. Wide selection. Here you can buy pants made by manufacturers from Poland, Lithuania, England and other countries. Pants for both girls and boys, knitted, velour, terrycloth pants, pants on straps and pants with funny slogans on them – we have almost anything that you can think of.
  4. Low price. In addition to all the benefits above, it is not difficult to find pants for newborns that are not expensive – our prices are always the best!

What pants for newborns will be the best choice?

You can always buy pants at an online store, but be sure to pay attention to:

  • Material. Choose pants made from organic fabrics as they will not cause irritation or allergies and baby's skin will "breathe" freely.
  • Cut. Give preference to simpler cut patterns, which will not limit baby’s movements.
  • Seams. Seams should be smooth and refined so they wouldn’t chafe the baby's skin.
  • Size. It is recommended to buy pants one size larger, so that it would be spacious for the child.

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At our online store we have a selection of pants for babies in different styles and colors. All models are produced using only high quality materials and are available in several sizes. It is not difficult to buy pants for your newborn baby at our online store, you will surely find the pants for your newborn that you will like, and in which your baby will feel most comfortable. Even if you are located outside of Klaipeda or Lithuania, thanks to our baby clothes website, you can order pants for newborns and toddles anywhere, as we offer global shipping.