Sets for newborns

The birth of a new resident of this glorious planet is always a momentous event, the time when immediate relatives are eager to congratulate new parents. But what shower gift is the right one? The answer is the gift should be useful for that little person. Kidy offers gift sets that both baby and hisher mum will love.

Fancy clothes set for going-from-the-hospital event

The most useful and, what is important, timely gift for baby’s birth is clothes set to have on during the first trip home.

Buying a complete set is beneficial for:

  1. All clothes fit harmoniously together
  2. Full clothes set is cheaper than all things bought separately
  3. Items of the set are of the same size
  4. Gift set clothing comes in handy for walks or routine checkups

Coming-home sets for newborns help parents save precious time. With complete clothes set, all they need is to buy diapers to have baby ready to go home with their mum.

Baby coming-home outfit includes

What is there in clothes set for newborn absolutely depends on the manufacturer.

The basic contains:

Many brands complete the set with blanket, wrap, or swaddles.

What’s the way to choose coming-home clothes set for infants?

To have everyone happy, make sure to specify with young parents clothes of what colour they want and what material is preferred just before buying a newborn coming-home outfit.

Gift clothes sets for newborns are to meet certain criteria one should focus on when looking for the thing.


Tender baby skin asks for clothing fabric being chosen with great scrupulosity.

Popular stuff available on the market today:

  1. Cotton. Clothing, made of pure organic, hand-picked cotton, is suitable for newborns. The fabric prevents allergies, irritation, and heat rash, thanks to its thermoregulatory properties.
  2. Wool. Merino wool is considered to be of better quality, besides it provides good temperature control, softness and is hypoallergenic. The main advantage of Australian sheep wool comes from its healing properties. Coming-home clothes set made of merino wool works great at improving baby’s sleep and dealing with colic. Camel wool is an excellent alternative to the fabric for it equals to merino one in properties.
  3. Bamboo is another breathable material to prevent your baby from overheating in a hot weather. Natural bamboo durability and ecological compatibility stand for its advantage.

Synthetics or low-quality wool are not worthy choosing for they cause discomfort to baby and can provoke an allergic response.


When opting for newborn clothes, it is equally important to pay attention to the colour of the set. Too bright colourful sets at prices too low to be true only testify the overuse of cheap dyes that are undoubtedly harmful for immature baby’s immune system.

Options in delicate shades with no bright prints will do best:

  • Pink coming-home outfit for a girl
  • Blue clothing for a boy
  • White clothes set for all-purpose choice.

Bright colours are possible only when the manufacturer specifies that prints are made with safe dyes.

Size matter

The ideal size for babies born in time is: 54cm-57cm. product line offers also coming-home outfits in 38cm, 44cm for preterm babies.


Having decided on the coming-home outfit brand, you encounter less hesitation while buying. The manufacturer’s rating will immediately tell you about quality of its product and whether it is worth buying.

Currently the following brands, with their goods receiving positive feedback, are sharing the modern market:

  • Lorita presents sewing production from Lithuania. The company uses only high-quality materials for the manufacture of children's clothing: organic cotton, flax, merino wool, bamboo. Lorita coming-home clothes sets for newborns include vests, caps, sleepsuits, sleeveless onesies and jumpsuits in delicate colours, with white holding sway.
  • Pinokio is a company from Poland, which has Safe for the Child certificate. Clothing sets of the brand are worked through by talented stylists that make things unique and beautiful. The manufacturer uses organic cotton, 100% cotton, and bamboo.
  • Babaluno stands for an English brand that produces comfortable and cute newborn baby clothes made of cotton, suede, and fur. Manufacturer notes that, with Babaluno things on, babies feel comfortable to sleep and play, for there is no hampering.


Season of baby’s arrival defines coming-home outfit type:

  1. Summer time. On warm days there is no need to use a blanket or a wrap, but instead swaddle, cotton long sleeve suit and cap will do. For chilly summer days, newborn summer coming-home clothes can be complemented with a woolen blanket.
  2. Winter. A frosty weather accompanied with an icy wind sets other rules: winter baby coming-home outfit should be as warm and comfortable as possible. Merino wool or fleece sleepsuit would make the best decision. Remember to cover baby’s head with two hats: thin and insulated. Sheep skin envelope blanket or winter lined jumpsuit should stand for upper layer.
  3. Autumn spring clothes for ride home include vests, sleeveless onesies, or fleece jumpsuit, hat and envelope blanket.

Knitted coming-home outfit that consists of a suit (booties, trousers, top, hat) and crochet work beautiful wrap or envelope blanket will do for a warm spring (autumn) or a cold summer time. The set is possible to use in countries where there is a warm mild winter.

KIDY Baby Box

For those, who want to give a unique gift for young parents and their newborn miracle, our shop offers to consider KIDY Baby Box.

Baby Box is a complete set of necessary goods for baby and mum during first months.

The Box includes:

  1. Baby skin care
  2. Diapers
  3. Bottles and teats
  4. Toys
  5. Clothes: Pinokio, Lorita, Babaluno
  6. Personal supplies for a young mum

Boxes have been filled based on the survey conducted among experienced mums, so only necessary things for newborn are included.

Baby Box varies in size:

  • Medium size for 0-3 month infants
  • Big Box includes stuff for 0-6 month babies

Baby Box clothes for girls are in pink, whereas in blue for boys. The third is all-purpose option: with clothes being in gender neutral colours, the Box suits both gentlemen and little princesses.

Baby Box for a gift provides major benefits:

  1. You get brand top-notch goods
  2. There is only natural fabric clothing in the Box
  3. Baby Box includes only brand products tested by millions of experienced mums
  4. There are only baby’s essentials in the package

For a conclusion it can be said that Baby Box saves money (separate products, when added up, cost more) and time (no need to run around the shops in search of better stuff).

Where can I buy coming-home clothes set for newborns? offers you to buy lovely gift sets of clothes for newborn or Baby Box for baby and mum. The shop assortment provides items from the best brands at the most possible affordable price thanks to direct cooperation with manufacturers.

Kidy offers its customers:

  1. Whole sale of infant coming-home outfits
  2. Ongoing promotions and rebates
  3. Constant sales
  4. Convenient payment options
  5. Fast shipping
  6. Brands tested by millions of buyers

Make this big day a difference for a young mum and her baby with a gift that is truly useful and necessary for months.