High-quality clothes for newborns and babies

(50, 56, 62 сm)

Every parent wants his or her children to be happy. Together with their love and care, the parents strive to embrace their children in warmth and comfort. These are the main qualities of baby clothes for the first year.

When choosing baby apparel it is very important to understand that its manufacturing has several nuances, including:

  • using of natural materials, e.g. cotton
  • comfortable and free cut (overlapped stitches, snap fasteners, etc).

Quality baby clothes are hypoallergic, have good absorbability, do not obstruct heat exchange, and also preserve their color, shape and softness after washing. As a rule, the manufacturers that value their reputation test their products for correspondence to certain quality standards before their marketing.

Online baby store is an ideal solution for shopping, especially for young moms that do not have time to go to the actual stores.

If you want to buy newborn clothes online, we can offer you the following:

  • clothes for newborns from 0 to 3 months old,
  • clothes for babies up to 1 year old,
  • clothes for babies from 6 months to 4 years old.

In our store you will find all clothes that your little boy or girl needs:

  1. Newborn sleepsuits and onesies – ideal pajamas for sleeping and daily games.
  2. Infant bodysuit – rather cheap clothes with short or long sleeves and panties for comfortable movement and sleep. They shape completely to the body, so they can be corn under other clothes.
  3. Rompers – just like bodysuits, only with shorts.
  4. Pants and crawlers – light or warm, depending on the season and ambient temperature.
  5. Bibs - obligatory accessory that will keep your baby clean during eating.
  6. Jackets will keep your baby warm when it’s cold.
  7. Socks will keep your baby’s legs warm.
  8. Caps. Will keep your baby’s ears and head warm during the walks in cold and windy days.

We sell the products of world-famous brands such as Lorita, Pinokio, Lassie by Reima, LullaLove, BIOBaby, Jacky and many more. We have the products for sleeping, playing, walks, as well as froducts for release from maternity home, for gift and everyday wear in our stock. Stylish and fashionable clothes for babies up to 1 year old for every taste – just come and choose!